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January 18, 2012


Shari Green

Hi Carole; I just read your post and it was a great story. I found a FREE digi stamp of a donkey a while back and I am not sure you have it or not, but just in case... It is not a YNS but thought you might like it -
Just scroll down and save the image.

Joan B

you crack me up. adorable, if that is applicable, donkey! and yes the years are flying!!

Noelle McAdams

heehee! Both posts are fabulous, but I must say I'm a bit partial (or should I say partisan?) to THIS darling card! Supah CUTE! ;)

Amy Rohl

You are greatness, my friend!

Chris R. from Iowa

I am still giggling over this! I gotta have this donkey stamp! Oh my, my brain is just swimming with fun things I could do with it! Love the background paper you made. I wish our color printer was working. Living in Iowa it is sort of fun smoozing with the candidates. I won't get into the politics though of it. Thanks for sharing the card - I love it!


You continue to crack me up with this political CCC post Carole! Love ya!

Jen Tapler

Well, I have to say I much prefer the donkey! ;-) Super cute card and fabulous use of the Sweet Sunday Sketch!

Lisa T

LOL! I actually saw your YNS post first. Elephants are cuter but donkeys are better! ;-)

Carolyn King

......awww you did a self portrait card :P

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So adorable, if that is applicable, donkey! and yes the years are flying!!


That donkey is adorable! Great coloring and fun card Carole! Have a great weekend!


Oh my word. Words cannot express how much I love this card!!!! Where on earth did you find that paper?? I'm off to dinner w the family but I'm going to leave this window open to remind myself to go read the other post later tonight. YOU making an ELEPHANT card is something I need to see for myself. ;-)


OH MY WORD!!! I just read the post on the YNS blog. YOU MADE THAT DONKEY PAPER!!! You are brilliant. If you saved the file and want to send it to your dear friend Libby, she would not complain. Not at all. ;-)

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Adorable, if that is applicable, donkey! and yes the years are flying!!

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I love the "Lou Grant" TV show. It was on the oldies TV station when I was a kid. Maybe that's where I got the idea to be a journalist.

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