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February 13, 2012


Leigh O'Brien

Love all this and Carter too! That last pic does say it all and is oh-so-sweet. Love the photo with Amy too. Hugs to you, Carole!

Nancy Thomas

Carter is definitely a real trooper!! And that last photo just melts my heart!


Carole, you've got me smiling and tearing up all at the same time! Carter is such a sweetie and you are an amazing mother! Those pictures are fabulous! Thank you for taking the time to share your journey with all of us!
Hugs to you and your family!

Jenny Peterson

I am so happy for you all that you got some better news than you thought:)That's wonderful, and although it's still a huge hurdle, it sounds like if anyone can do it, it's Carter! (and Mom of course;) Your little man is adorable and I love seeing pictures of keep 'em coming! I bet Amy was thrilled to meet such a little pint sized hero! Thanks for sharing:):)
Hugs, Jenny

Amy Rohl

Love that little guy and what a brave-heart is he! I may have to lift one of your pictures for my TCP Tuesday post this week, if that's okie dokie.

Love how you've done up World Love in traditional Carole Colors, and that ribbon is totally YOU, my dear!

Thanks again for the fun evening last week and hugs to you and Cart!


Whew! Carole, I'm worn out just reading all that you and Carter have been through so far the past 2 weeks. I admire both of you, plus Sean and Truman! Here's hoping and praying that things are indeed easier and less stressful on Carter as they seem to have been predicted. Hugs and prayers are coming your way, sweetie!!

Karolyn Loncon

What an amazing young man you have there. Your latest update on Carter has me in awe of what you have to deal with, day to day, let alone in such special circumstances such as these. Your ability to keep such a happy spirit about you boggles my mind. Carter is a very lucky young man to have such an amazing mommy. You are a rockstar, my friend. And so is Carter!! Sending you hugs and hoping that the next couple of months go without a hitch. Hugs and smooches!!

Joan @ Debt of Gratitude

I always read your blog at work and you have a habit of making me cry at my desk. (Remember that day I called you sobbing after Carter's first-walk video?) Tears for the good news on Valentine's Day!

This makes my heart so happy! And I'm grateful for the update.

And, honestly, knowing your child has a high pain threshold . . . what a blessing in so many ways. Not to make light of it, but I wish a few folks in my household had a high pain threshold :-) You know how rarely I say these things . . . but God gave Carter what he needed -- perseverance and determination and optimism. {{{hugs}}}

Karen Hasheck

Thanks for sharing the update about Carter. I hope it helps there are so many of us in blogland who are sending their prayers and well wishes. Can we get an address to send Carter a card when he has the surgery? I would love to post the address on my blog and also on Send a Smile 4 Kids if you think he would like to get upbeat thinking of you cards from stampers who care?

Karen Hasheck [email protected]

chris v -easily amused

Carter is such a brave and strong young man.
thank you for sharing his story.

Bonnie aka raduse

Cute card Carole. I have to say I cry everytime I read your posts about Carter. Cried really hard when I saw the video of his first steps without the walker!! Oh my gosh!!! Your little guy is one special man. I feel so blessed to be able to know him through all of your posts (and videos) of Carter. Please let us in blogland know when his surgery is. Continued prayers for him and your family through his journey.

Dana Joy

Wow... Carter is my hero. The strength and perseverance he has is amazing. I truly admire your son. I'm praying for a surgery that will give him an easier time walking and enjoying life. You are one FABULOUS Mom Carole. God bless you and your family hun.

Angela P.

I read Carter's story with great interest; I am an orthopedic/neurology nurse so his case is especially interesting to me. What a lucky boy he is to have parents who are doing what it takes to ensure the best possible outcome. Best of luck with the upcoming surgery; I will pray for you all...Carter, your family and the medical team. I look forward to hearing updates on Carter's progress.

Sue Kment

I have always followed your updates and enjoyed the views of Carter growing up. He is so lucky to have such a great Mommy!

alma de la rosa

What a brave little guy. I'm so glad that, though there is surgery and recoup time, it's not as much as what you girded yourself for.

You are so lucky to have a wonderful son and family.

Carolyn King

Great pictures!!! Carter is an awesome kid. So glad surgery seems more bearable than you originally thought. Continued prayers....for you all! xo

Jodi Collins

He is such a trooper Carole...and what a cutie he is!! Sending big hugs and lots of prayers for an easy recovery for him!!!

Joanne B

Carole, I'm so glad that the recovery and rehab for Carter will be so much shorter than you'd planned. He's so blessed to have parents like you and Sean who are his constant advocates, who will take him wherever he needs to be to get the very best care. Love that his reward was a trip to the Lego store, sounds just about right! xoxo


Fabulous card! LOVE the bright colors you've chosen! Your son looks amazing! :)

joanna M.

This is my first time reading your blog and I will definitely be back. I have a special needs son and I've never blogged about him (though I have THOUGHT about it). And while I wouldn't trade my "carter" for anything, it is exhausting and isolating sometimes dealing with his needs. You made me feel less alone today. And THAT is a good thing. Thank you.


Carole your amazing family blows me away. Carter in EVERY picture of him is smiling and to read that he is EXHAUSTED (I am guessing since I am at 160% going up stairs...) then he HAS to be, and keeps on truckin'! WOW!!!! Carole that little man is amazing to me! He makes my heart happy and your open sharing personality is SO wonderful, I love to read updates on Carter and Truman. The fact that the amount of time to recoup is cut down a TON is AWESOME!!! Now had he been in the full spica cast would he have lost a bit of what he had fought so hard for in his learning to walk? a bit of a set back? HUGES Hugs to your family Carole, truly inspiring that great people can accomplish Great things... power of POSITIVE THOUGH!!!! HUGE Hugs!!!!!

Ann R.

New to your blog ... wow! I'm weepy as I read what's been going on with your family. What a handsome young man you have there - and you and your hubby are fantastic parents. Bless you all! Thank you for reminding us of what is truly important in this life. May God's sweetest blessings be yours.

Tammy T

Your story about Carter really moved me and I wanted to let you know I will be praying for you and your family. After reading about the results to his walking tests, I will never complain about being tired after working all day, ever again. He is AMAZING!!! God Bless!!!

Lisa Henke

What a great card, Carole. love how you used the tab Die-namics. thanks for sharing about Carter...what a brave and sweet boy you have. Prayers and Hugs to your family!


Brave brave boy! I can see him all snuggled up in his Thomas the Train blanket after working so hard. Gotta love Amy for being so in tune with her gift to him. Hugs!


I happened upon your blog and this post from a link on Pinterest. I loved the beautiful cards and such and decided to peruse your blog more. I happened upon this post and the pictures really caught my attention! I have an 11 year old girl, Maddy, who also has CP. I would like to learn more about this procedure, as well as the SDR. I sincerely hope and pray that this procedure benefits your sweet boy, and I can't wait for an update!


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