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February 04, 2012



This is SUPER cute!

Marcie Sharp

Love Shack will NEVER be out of my head now...your work here is done. :) Love the cuuuuute card and good luck with all that work stuff ya gotta do.


OMG! I'm falling off my chair right now laughing! Gotta love the fabulous Carole Burrage foot notes! Put me down for a ditto of footnote #1! If you were closer I would kick you and then you could just kick me back so we could both cry to blow off some steam and then have a good laugh about it after! Hence why I joined a boot camp recently...not like I don't have enough going on that I had to add in a crossfit bootcamp 3 x week - keeps me sane and allows to kick stuff! LOL

Fabby love shack card - love the wood grain paper! FUN! Thanks for sweet words! Love ya girlfriend!



Jen Tapler

Ok, first, you are hilarious and I like funny people. Second, this card is awesome - love the stamp, love that you're using some digi papers (Crystal Wilkerson, too! Can't go wrong there!!), and well, the whole thing just ROCKS.


CAROLE! CAROLE! CAROLE!!! I am TOTALLY taking the picture of you I JUST saw on FB playing Who Wants to be a Millionaire and exchanging that Carole Brady image for some hip pulsing super star non singing DIVA!!! Bwahahahahah!!! I love seeing your cards as they rock, but in ALL honesty? Yea I come for the belly laughs!!! You SO crack me up Carole!!! Seriously, make me smile and LAUGH!

Megan Lock

This is a darling card and I love coming here for inspiration. However, that song will be in my head for the rest of the evening! I guess Emma has to learn it at some point...

Becky Carafa

Oh this is sooo fun!

Kerri M.

You are HILARIOUS!!! ACK, I so want to do karaoke with you now LOL! I happen to know Love Shack pretty well, so I think I could hang:) Your card is super cute and fun!

Deb Anton

Love it! Why weren't we singing this last week? The bell hop probably would have loved it... : )

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