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April 09, 2012


chris veneruso

well that's a unique and frightening way to get your moniker.
cute card.
I hope all your family health issues work out.
My dad had quad bypass many years ago. His happened while we were on the way home from a vacation. I don't think those things ever happen at a good time. Who plans on having a heart attack?

Crafty Math Chick

Totally adorable Carole! Best wishes for your FIL's speedy recovery.

Karolyn Loncon

Okay, now that I've wiped the tears from my face after laughing my butt off at your post, I can now collect myself enough to comment. Poor Cammie - I will never be able to get the vision of her "signature" look out of my head. It's burned into my brain for life now! LMBO!!

I will be keeping both your father-in-law and Carter in my prayers. Medicine is an amazing thing, isn't it? I know Carter's surgery will be just as successful as your FIL's. If you need a diversion while you're hanging out in the hospital, don't hesitate to call! My sister will be here from Wednesday until Sunday, but after that I'll be free as a bird and would love to catch up. Text or email me when you're free and we'll make it happen!! Miss your face! XOXO

Gloria Shirr

Love this adorable card Carole!! Good job!! Thanks for sharing. Gloria

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Bonnie aka raduse

Awesome card and an adorable story Carole. Cammie is going to love this card.


Just read your post and wanted to pop by to say HI and that you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. I'm happy to know your father in law is recovering and sending hugs to help you get through Carter's surgery.

CUTE card!!!



Carolyn king

So sorry about your fil. Saying prayers for Carter.

Re: the card?! Wth?! You are nuts0, Ellen, and VERY brave!
But, Thats why i love ya ( there is not really any other reason to, right?!)

Denise M.

Hey Miss Carole! Adorable card! I love all the cute colors, paper and texture. You did a great job with the sketch...such an inspiration.

Glad to hear your FIL came through the bypass surgery well and I hope he has a smooth recovery. My dad went through triple bypass a few days took him a little while to be 100%, but he got there. Good luck with Carter's surgery next week.

How's Ringo doing? :)

Karen M

This is adorable! I love your image and those fabulous bright colours and your stitching and your fact, I love everything about it!!!


What a fabulous image! LOVE all the texture--and your stick pin sentiment is awesome! :)


Sorry to hear about your medical mishaps! Darling card though, lovely work!

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I love the colors in this and I think coffee themed stamps might end up my newest addiction!!

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