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October 01, 2012



AWESOME! Beautiful job, and thank you for using the correct side of this collection! FORWARD2012!!!

Karen (YNS)

This post immediately reminded me of that CCC post you did with the donkey and the elephant! LOL Love ya! xo

Kate - i {heart} papers

LOVE! You crack me up. Thank you! So glad to have you on board!


although I don't share your political leanings(elephants would look so much better) i love this card, great idea wonderfully executed!

Karen Hasheck

Great Card- I admire your cards and your political point of view!!


What a great card! I loved your explanation too.


So you are still voting for Romney, right?? Dang, I crack myself up. :) Great card, love to see red white & blue in the paper craft community!


No missing your sentiments on this card LOL! Great take on the sketch, and as you said, exercise your right to vote as many people around the world do not have that freedom.


I wish I could say it was a great card, but it only makes me sad that people are so uninformed or maybe they are just so steeped in tradition that they can't see what the Democrat party has become. I just feel sorry for you. And if your guy wins in November I feel sorry for all of us. I don't have kids, but if I had kids and grandkids like so many of you crafters out there I'd be terrified of the future if we stay on the track we're on now. It's going to be bad enough even if the right person is elected.

D. Idlet

Love your card!!!! Go Obama!!!


Wow..guess someone didn't like your card Carole. LOL. I think it's GREAT!!!


So glad you're joining us at IHP this month! Love everything about your card!


Finally got to the big computer to come and check you out, darn phone was spinning and spinning...

Now not sure (this will tell my whole lack of give a rip for politics) but who is the JA? Don't remember ... I'm just not all into that...

I knew though that seeing your post you were up to SOMEthing.... ;) Can't wait for the next seams and life tidbit! <3

Stef Perry

Great card, Carol! I say vote what you believe but BE SURE to vote! Have your say and deal with the outcome, as many of us have over the last 25-35 years have, whatever the political affiliation. Be greatful we have the freedom to speak our minds and create whatever cards we want, Shabby Chic, Elegant, or CAS!! And VOTE!!


What a fun patriotic card.great background. I love what you did with the twine and the clip paper.

Thanks for the fun challenge. Great Design Team inspiration

Debbie Carriere

Well, I NEVER!! LMAO!! Great card :) And hold the phone - you were on "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?"?? How cool!! And for the record, I certainly do NOT feel sorry for you ;) Hope you and the family are well.


Great use of the sketch - I'd love for you to link up at 52 Card Pickup this week and enter my washi tape giveaway!


Great card, great explanation, and I agree! Everyone should exercise their right to vote. Dont be complacent and then start complaining!


Politics and donkeys~ Love it! Awesome card!! I agree, everybody should get off their duff and vote!

Joan B

you were on who wants to be a millionaire??? I continue to be amazed by you. cute card and love the sentiments on how important it is to vote.

alma de la rosa

Democrat Seal? This card is so happy, I could forgive that. Love to see you stamping again

Judy Rozema

I love the whole look of this card! Really neat! This will be my daughter's first time to vote, so I am excited for her.

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