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November 30, 2012



Carole, I <3 you and I <3 everything about this post!!! Happy Happy birthday Sweet Pea! Now I need to see if I can find a doggie bakery!


Aaah this is sunshine on my screen today. You just sparkle.

Bonnie aka raduse

Happy Birthday Sweet Pea! Thanks for the chuckle.

Karen (YNS)

OMG Carole! From what I can see your home is beautiful! I'm sitting here laughing as I read your post because...I have a lego set from last Christmas that I've been trying to finish for hubby is working on it as I type this. I have a cream shag carpet in my family room along with a 4 year old and bangal cat who are both are addicted to food so who knows what's living inside that carpet! LOL Thanks for footnote 2 - we all appreciate people like you! xo

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