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November 05, 2012


Dawn Easton

Carole, this is fantastic! I love how you've embossed that donkey!! He's so cute now ;)


Oh, how you do ROCK!!!!
I plan on rocking the vote, and I will be so happy when the President is reelected! (see,I'm an optimist, TOO!)


LOVE this card!!! And love your dedication. I nearly choked on my water, laughing when I read it. :-) I really hope your campaign promise to meet me before the next election can be kept!

Stephanie Kraft

Wonderful, Carole! Love the embossed donkey!

Bonnie aka raduse

Carole!!! I so wish all of the negative campaigning in our area was infused with your humor. Awesome card too. Oh BTW, DH & I already voted early ..... just in case you know. ;)

Wanda Cullen

Carole, your card is great with so much sparkle and subtlety - lol! I love your fun spirit in the midst of so much contention nationwide!

Tina Lisenby

Love your card, Carole. It brought me some hope since I apparently live in "elephant country" and get discouraged by the fact that that my views are not supported by so many around me. I certainly plan to do my civic duty and look forward to casting my vote even though my state will more than likely be going "red". I anxiously await the results of this election and hope for the best! Thanks for sharing your card - I love the papers you used.

Evelyn Santiago

I love your creativity...very nice. Thanks for sharing.

Michelle Woerner

Cute card and I am with you on GET OUT AND VOTE LADIES. So many women fought and some died to secure OUR right to vote. Don't squander that right cause we're tired. I love your card and love your message!!!!!

I don't live in a swing state, so we barely see a Presidential ad on the TV (yes, unfathomable for those who are inundated by them). I am also lucky enough to live in the state which pioneered Vote By Mail (no polling booths or lines for us Oregonians). We are solid Democratic, so it's a happy place for me here in Portland.

chris v - easily amused

your card reminded me of my old job, in local government. one of my bosses had a cabinet filled with donkeys she had collected over many years - it was quite a sight to see - hidden amongst them there was one forlorn elephant - I never asked why that was in there.
anyway, great card, the embossing looks really good.


Love all your red white and blue, Carole! Fabulous card!

Karolyn Loncon

Hahaha!! This is a bundle of uber cuteness that is all part of your evil scheme to manipulate me into voting for your guy - ain't gonna happen, sistah! LOL But I gotta tell you, your evil plan almost worked - how could I resist that darling little donkey? But I have, and I did, and I will! LOL Already voted, even though I live in a state that doesn't seem to make much difference in the final outcome. It was still my duty to do so. So, I obeyed your sentiment - just didn't pull the lever for the other guys! Nice try though - smooches!! ;-)


Your two toned donkey is great. Love the sentiment - it's one people need to take to heart as it is SO important to get out and vote for your candidate! So many countries in the world people don't have that freedom or right.

Kate - i {heart} papers

I love this card, the sketch and the message. :) GO TEAM! And I love Libby too. :)

Chris R. from Iowa

Wonderful card! I had to laugh, just as I clicked on your E-mail the phone rang and it was the Obama people reminding me of the "bash" for a better term tonight with both the Obamas and Beuce Springsteen in Des Moines. I have already voted but I think this card is wonderful and I think I need this stamp for the next election to get people to vote. So cute!!!!!

kathleen barrett

Great card - love your optimism, hope you are correct! We recently moved to a small rural town so I am actually going to the polls tomorrow at the volunteer fire dept. With a population of 1490, I figure the lines won't be all that long compared to those in Little Rock!

Lea Lawson

Such a fun election day card!! It's super cute!! I'll be heading out a little bit later to cast my vote!!

Susie Rostad

Cast my vote and I agree with your statement "May the best candidate win!" but we differ on choice: I'm backing Romney all the way to the White House!


This card is so fun! Love it, and of course the colors are great!!

Jenny Martin

Oh wow, your card is amazing - love that donkey!
Believe it or not, we in Australia are sick of your election too! Its's been all over the news here for months as well. The general feeling amongst most people I speak to, is relief that Obama got back in.

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This card makes me feel like a document of government. Quite solemn except the donkey which relax the whole atmosphere. Love this card!!

Queen Mary

Well, I'm late to view my emails -- I volunteered as a voter advocate and was at the polls from opening to closing! I have a new appreciation for the poll workers, I can you that! I was beat at the end of the day!


Love your card AND your message. It appears that a lot of people did follow your advice LOL. I'm so relieved Obama got reelected. The election campaigns have also been followed closely on the Dutch news.


love your card.great color combination

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