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November 29, 2012


Karolyn Loncon

Man, your post totally spoke to me! No one EVER spells my name right, and it's such an "old lady" name. The only time it was somewhat cool was when Caroline Kennedy was little - but then her name was Caroline. It just chaps my butt when someone calls me Caroline, by the way. But what's a girl to do, right?! I had one friend in elementary school that decided she'd call me Carol - because she was my BFF, I allowed it. But no one else was allowed to give me a nickname (well, except my sisters, who called me every nasty name in the book, and my college roommates, who called me Birdlegs. LOL) Oh gosh, I guess I've hijacked your post and made it more about me than you! Imagine that! LOL Anyways, can I tell you how much I enjoy your humor. I hear your voice in your written words every single time and it always makes me smile - or laugh, depending on what your topic of the day is. You're the best, chica!! I can always count on your for a smile or a laugh. Can't wait to hang with you in the PS Booth - we're going to have so much fun!! XOXO

Karolyn Loncon

P.P.S. You're probably cringing at my "anyways" comment above . . . deal with it, my grammatically correct sistah!! I think it's a Washington thing. We are, after all, one of the first stupid states to legalize wacky tobbacky! LOL



Britt Lujano

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