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January 03, 2013



YAYAY!!! Welcome sweet Carole!! I have been a long admirer of your work and am so excited to work with you! You are hilarious, sweet, inspiring and an amazing creative artiste!!! Much love and hugs!


Whoo Hoo Carole!! Congrats to you!! Look forward to seeing yoru creatiosn :)


Welcome, welcome, welcome! I'm so excited to have you as part of the TE Team! Just for kicks and giggles I looked up your very first order with us which was 4-5-2008! That was even before I started doing stamps... your order was for ribbon and favor boxes. What a walk down memory lane! I look forward to seeing your creations and making new memories in the year ahead!

Amy Rohl

Big congrats to you, my friend!!! LOVE the glossy accents on your darling calendar...just the right touch!

Karen Giron

Congrats Carole!! You are going to rock the TE world, I just know it. Your calendar (that's what we call it in CO too) is darling! Loves me that Glassy Accents!!


Congrats!! Wonderful calendar!

Cassie T

Congratulations! I've been a fan of your work for a long time and can't wait to see what you'll come up with for TE :)

Carolyn King did you slip under Taylor's intense background check? Guess she didn't find out about your sudden uncontrollable outbursts and deep affection for the drink. Welp---I love ya anyway! So great to see you on this team--you are gonna be a great addition! Hold on, Taylor! (hee!)

Karolyn Loncon

Yay!! You + TE = MAHVELOUS!! So happy for you, sweets!! I knew we were twins separated at birth, by the way, the second you mentioned "Duck Dynasty"!! Oh my gosh - my fave show of late! Those people crack me up - and so do you! Can't wait to see you in some days . . . counting the minutes! XOXO


Congratulations! How funny that I just posted about you on my blog! If I had known you were making such a large announcement, I would never have mentioned my connection with you. Gotta keep your ego in check! JUST KIDDING! Taylor certainly made the right choice! Cannot wait to see what my QDM creates! Happy New Year and Happy Taylored Expressions to you!

Debbie Carriere

Yay!!!! I {heart} TE!!!! You, my friend, are the perfect addition! Can't wait to see what fantastic creations you have in store for us!

Wanda G (stampcat)

YIPPPPEEEEEEE! Welcome to our team! I'm so excited to be able to stamp with you and get to know you better! Love your work! Have a happy day! :-)

Queen Mary

Carole, your calendar page is too cute! I love that you used the glossy accents!
But your story about your knuckles moves me to tell YOU a little (and very true) story about small Irish hands (which I have).
1. I have been a tax lawyer for 30 years.
2. Under US tax law, business expenses are allocated to the income the expensed item produces.
3. Some taxpayers - now this is the shocking, rated R part, actually do not like paying their "fair share" of taxes and try to manipulate income and expenses to there is more taxable income in low tax jurisdictions, and less income in high tax jurisdictions.
4. Congress thinks this is a bad thing and economically inefficient, so they periodically enact legislation to foil the tax avoiders, er, those who try to minimize their tax liability.
5. Bausch & Lomb had a factory in Ireland, a lower tax jurisdiction.
6. The IRS asserted the aforementioned legislation (see #4) and argued Bausch & Lomb only had the factory there to avoid taxes and they were allocating too much gain to the Ireland factory where it would be taxed at a lower tax rate than had the income been allocated to the U.S.
7. Here's the important part about Irish knuckles: Bausch & Lomb argued they had the factory in Ireland because Irish women have such small hands.
8. Bausch & Lomb won that case.
9. So you see, Irish women MUST have teeny tiny hands because a US court said so.
Your hands/knuckles are only huge in Ireland where they have freakishly small hands justifying a factory that produces contact lenses. Feel free to find a US store that sells the Claddaugh - they'll have your size and think nothing of it!

This is all true and public record! I could not make this up! And, in fact, my mother never became a concert pianist because her hands were too small!

Thrilled to have you on the TE team, I've long admired your work and having your show it off with TE products is just a bonus for me.

XOXO, Mary (aka, she of the tiny hands!)

Christina Fischer

Congrats!!! You will no doubt bring your trademark humor and COLOR to the team! :)

Happy New Year, my friend!

Glenda J

Congrats on making the Taylored Expressions team! LOVE the calendar... it's amazing! The bright colours and brilliant design are perfect. Thanks for your sweet comment on my 40 things post...

Tammie E

Ugh...I'm just now getting around to checking out your "first" TE post. Busy, busy, busy! I love your work Carole, and you absolutely crack me up! I can't wait to meet you at CHA!

Monica Bramorski

Hello Carole! You won´t believe, but yesterday I was watching a movie and in a particular piece of it, they talk about this Claddaugh ring and I thought the meaning of it so lovely, really amazing. And I promise to myself to see about it today on the net, but I completly forgot to make it. So, I was surfing on the net, seeing kraft things I found your blog and stop by to read this specifically post. It is not incredible?!?! I loved your story and that´s why I became your follower. xxx Mon

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