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January 29, 2013


Dawn Easton

awww Carole, I remember most of those cards! You are so creative!! I understand and have been where you are. The need for change. Or just too much on our plates and something has to give. I get it. I understand and will continue to follow you no matter what you are doing! You rock!


I'm sure you will be missed, Carole. Tough decisions usually result in great outcomes :) Good for you for following your heart. Great mix of cards too!

Nancy Thomas

We will certainly miss your creative spirit and sense of humor Carole. Totally understand, there are only so many hours in the day.

Bonnie aka raduse

Yikes!! I'm going to miss your TCP inspiration and funny posts Carole. You have definitely shown me some fun ways to use Alma's images over the years. You would have to pick my fav TCP cards for this post. Will look forward to your creative genius using other images too.

jenny peterson

Carole- you have always been THE stamper I have looked up to in so many ways! TCP always will have a special place in my heart as well, and one of the reasons is because it was where we 'hooked up' ;) But everything has a season, and I like the way you put it with your flowerpot analogy....I'm the kind of spirit that always needs to be changing and moving along or I too, get root rot ;) I'm sure you'll be missed dearly, but it's a small stamping world and we'll see ya around!! xo

Carolyn King

Well said. Alma was lucky to have you and you were lucky to have her. Loved looking back at all your TCP creations...beautiful. (I knew I smelled something funny at CHA...musta been your root rot.)

amy rohl

I'm happy for your new pot...oh wait, that didn't sound good, but you KWIM, right?! Anyway, sometimes good things come to an end but friendships remain and that is most important. I'm so thankful for my time served with you at TCP...lots of great memories. Cheers!


Carole - you have been an inspiration to me from the beginning - I remember doing a TCP color challenge waaaay back in the day - and I adored your creations then as I do now! Your work is always so beautiful!!
Big hugs
Sankari :)

alma de la rosa

You will truly be missed, Carole. But, I am so glad that I can call you my friend and an inspiration to us all, both creatively and in life.

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