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January 26, 2013


Karolyn Loncon

OH MY GOODNESS!! Your interpretation of this trigger is phenomenal!! Love the CAS composition and the calico words - absolutely delicious, chica!! I'm so proud of you for trying your very first Tuesday Trigger - can't wait for you to dip your toes in a little further and try some of Cath's other challenges - they really are BOMB.COM! XOXO

Kim Kesti

Super darling, Carole! It was so fun touching base with you. Let's not wait another whole year!

Glenda J

ABSOLUTELY fabulous! Love it! xoxo

Karen (YNS)

What FUN! Love your pic from CHA!!! TFS! xo


Carole! It was SO FUN to meet you at CHA! One of the highlights of my entire trip! I've been meaning to leave you a message on FB thanking you for your delicious gift that you dropped off for me. It was truly divine, and such a HOOT that you would think of me and go out of your way to MAKE MY DAY the way you did. :)

But here you are, playing in a Tuesday Trigger! I couldn't be more delighted! Thanks so much for joining in on all the fun! I hope to see more of you and your moxie fab card making in the future!

PS I moxie love the drinky in your signature. Susan's GOT to see it as well! Mwah!

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