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February 06, 2013


Elizabeth Garcia

Such a clever card. Love it!


Cute cute cute! Love it!

Amy Rohl

Now who's little miss clever?! You rocked it...pun fully intended, girlie!

I can't wait til you send ME this card in a couple years.


I can't tell you how much I LOVE this card! Oh my my my! So cute and clever!!

Angela Bear

Wow! One of the cutest cards I have seen in a long time!!! Love it!

Karolyn Loncon

OH EM GEE!! Dude, I am in LOVE with this project!! It should have been submitted to the recent Birthday Celebrations call that passed on Monday. Ugh!! Seriously, using the 45's is downright GENIUS!! Oh, and thanks for making me feel like an old bat - you were listening to all of those songs when you were 5 - I was in high school!! LOL And all were my faves, too. I think we are twins, separated at birth - only 10 years apart!! Miss you, boo!! XOXO


Love it! So clever - too bad I'm turning 46 this year! lol!

Tracy Clemente



G. Nyus. Perfection.

Cindi Flass

Great card! I love the idea of using the 45s on this card and I do remember having owned some of those same ones (I wonder where those went?).


This is just the bomb!

Kerri M.

This is so clever!!! I just love it and I'm sure your hubby will too:)

Shannon White

OMGoodness Soo Darned Clever Carole!! I'd be patting you on the back too! 8-) Your Hubby is going to Love this for sure!!

Big Hugs

P.S. LOVE the film clip from Funny Girl! That is one of my Most Favorite of her Songs to Sing.. ( Barbara is one of the singers I grew up listening too, Dad was a big fan! ) And yes I did sing along with the clip just now! LOL 8-)

Debbie Carriere

Oh, aren't you a smarty pants!!! Love those records!!!

Sabrina Radican

Oh I just love your card!! Boy did you bring me back to when I was 14. I had all those records too!! It's funny what a small world we live in. LOL

Wanda G (stampcat)

HEY! This card is the best thing ever! What a fabulous idea! You clever minx!! Now I wanna rock-n-roll all night (and party every day)! Thanks for the smiles!

Carolyn King

"Yeah, my heart stood still....Yeah, her name was Jill..."
LOVE it! Those records are fabulous!

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