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February 19, 2013


Wanda G (stampcat)

Hi Ms. Thang! I totally enjoyed your process and LOVE this adorable card you made! What a fun challenge! Have a fabbie day my friend!

Stephanie Kraft

Fabulous and fun, Carole! I LOVE your card file - much better than my "throw it in a big bin" system!

Robin Barwacz

Carole - thanks so much for taking the time to share your creative process. Much appreciated. I actually went and printed out all the sketches you referred to in your post (and my printer is dog tired!). Hopefully, this is just what I need to get my rear into gear again. Always enjoy reading your posts. Take care and have a great week.


What an adorable card! Love the twine track too, such a fun detail! Your card system is so organized...unlike my boxes and boxes of cards that get thrown in at the end of the month. *grin*


I love seeing how that mind of yours works!! Super cute card too! All around fun post!


Such a wonderful card, very fun :) Thanks for sharing the process.

Glenda J

Great post Carole! Love how you do things.. fabulous card!

Tammie E

Dang, are some kind of organized! I love your thought process and your finished card! It's stinkin' cute!!! The railroad track twine...brilliant!

Shannon White

Fabulous Fabulous Carole!! Wow! You are one super organized lady! Thanks for the peek into your creative process!! Your card is just Darling! Love the air brushed clouds and your bakers twine train track!! And Super way to store your cards!! I am definitely going to follow your lead on that!! ;-)



Cute card, and another stamp set I need! :)

Charmaine Ikach

ADORABLE, Carole!! Loved your thought process! I totally need to take your tip on writing everything down as I'm creating. That's a great tip!


Such a cute card, Carole! And so fun to see how you work! I need a card organizer drawer like you have.. I'm the type that leaves them strewn everywhere and then when I need a certain one I can never find it!

Jen Shults

I love seeing pictures of your work in progress! Your card turned out so so cute!

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