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March 30, 2013


Karolyn Loncon

Oh my gosh . . . I swear you are that crazy voice in my head. Are you in there?!! Are you scanning my brain for thoughts?!! Because it just absolutely freaks me out how you read my mind and articulate what's in there. And how is it that this has nothing to do with me, but it does?! LOL I'm so proud of you for saying what others are thinking. It makes us feel like we're not alone. That's important. You most definitely got the better end of the deal with Carter, but good for you for pushing through that relentless rejection to realize your other dream. Wow, wow, wow! You really DO pursue what you want for yourself, and I think that's awesome! Keep it up, sistah . . . I know your publication dreams, as well as any others, are yours for the taking. You just gotta go after them. But who am I to tell you - clearly, you wrote the book on it! Love you, girl! So glad you're part of MY tribe! P.S. I called you yesterday as instructed. I'm around all day today if you feel like chatting. XOXOXO

Deborah Anton

I deal with it so often and so glad you are the person to put a new perspective on it all. I think if you wrote about all out crazy CHA trips, it would be a best seller! ;) you rock!

Ashley N Newell

You are amazing! I would TOTALLY read any novel you wrote. :) I'm a giant fan on the writing on your blog. (Don't tell anyone, but it's one of the few I read instead of skim.)


What a wonderful story about a wonderful lesson learned and the character developed because of it :) Press on and keep reaching for those stars! Hugs!

Kate - i {heart} papers

You are enough. Period. Nobody can please everyone all of the time. Do what you enjoy for you, not for anyone else's approval. <3 you.

Glenda J

Oh my gosh... what a story! Thanks for sharing this amazing story with us Carole. Makes me love you even more. Hugs... oh, and your tag is freakin' awesome. This will help remind me to not take my pub rejections so seriously.


Seriously your writing TOTALLY moves me!!!! Find your Tribe.... This reinforces my silly "stamping gangnam style" motto!!!! I REALLY NEEDED TO READ THIS !!!!!

I am jumping into that dark murky submission swamp!!!! Glug glug... Wi remember this post FOREVER!!!!

Carter IS the best of the 2!!!! ;)

Liz S.

Thank you. I loved this!

Kim Howard

Very interesting read, I love reading your posts, I often find myself chuckling so I found it so interesting to know how involved you are in writing. BTW, I love your tag, it's so cute!!!


Thanks for sharing such personal stuff. I've never tried to get published - if I did, I probably wouldn't tell anyone unless I did get published. Maybe I will re-evaluate that position now. Congrats on your accomplishments, and so glad you have Carter!


Your story is amazing. I'm so envious of people who have the talent to write. I believe it's because I've never been a big reader until last year when I turned into a bookworm. I just started my 68th book for 2013! I will add yours to my to read list.

I finally submitted to Paper Crafts about a year ago after being encouraged by others. What I learned is that when you don't get an acceptance it doesn't mean it's a bad card or project, it just doesn't suit what they have in mind for that issue. I've had previously rejected cards picked up later when I submitted them for a different call. For those afraid to submit, like I was, just give it a try and keep submitting.

Carmela King

<3 Even when others reject you----I STILL love you! xo

Candy Slabaugh

Great article on rejection! Just stumbled across it today on a day I needed to read it because of a recent rejection I received. Thanks for being brave and sharing your thoughts. Made me realize too that to be successful we must continue to put ourselves out there and try/submit projects and ideas if we want to ever succeed.


I love your attitude, if you like it, that is the MOST important thing. You are very talented. And that picture is way too cute.

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