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March 28, 2013


Troy Louise

You crack me up! Arnold Horshack & Billie Letts' book all in the same blog post along with fun, fun cards. I loved that book & Welcome Back Mr. Kotter. I also would like to hang out in the fun Doodle Bug HQ. I wouldn't mind that pink couch, but don't think the ol' man would go for it. Thanks so much for the smiles.


Super duper cute, Carole!

p.s. I would love to crawl inside your witty brain someday!

Karolyn Loncon

Seriously . . . I'm with Val. I think you need to donate your brain to science when you kick the bucket - I think they're gonna find some scary shit in there!! LOL Girl, these cards are freakin' amazing! Love the bright and happy colors, the composition, and your coloring takes my breath away! REPEAT, REPEAT, REPEAT!! This is a brilliant design! I loved that book, by the way. At some point in my younger life, I set a goal to read all of Oprah's Book Club Books. I got through quite a few, and loved most of the ones I read. This one stands out in my mind as one of my faves. She's Come Undone and Deep End of the Ocean were two others that I remember like I read them yesterday. I wish Oprah still had a book club . . . I wish I liked to read like the old days - before my computer and reality TV. LOL

Crafty Math Chick

Love this bright and cheerful collection of fruity cards Carole!
~ Meredith

Natalie H

YOU are funny! Your cards adorable.

PS I was in love with Vinnie the good old days!

Shannon White

I Soo LOVE visiting you Blog and reading your Super Fun-tastic posts Miss Carole!! 8-) & Your card set is Absolutely Darling!! Love the Bright Cheery doodlebug papers and your Sweet little fruity friends too!;-)


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