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March 06, 2013



This is my favorite blog post of all time. You seriously just made my day. Thanks for the kind words, and this card is so stinkin' AWESOME!!! I cannot believe you bought all of those cards!! Oh wait, yes I can!!! hahaha!! I cannot wait to create a Duran Duran masterpiece with some of them!! Thank you!


Carole, you rocked this card! My husband was impressed that you had John Taylor featured on your card. The camera is adorable and I'm lovin' the sparkle! Loved your background story on this card!

Lori Craig

Hysterical, and I love it. I love you, and I love Libby! Can you believe I'm going all the way to Atlanta to see her and she's leaving town? She claims date with some mouse... hmph... At any rate, super cute project, SWEET CAROLE!

Kerri M.

How fun is this?!?! I LOVE IT!!! You are so clever and kinda funny too:)

Kathy D

Great card, Carole! I will be singing "Hungry Like the Wolf" all day...

Wendy Goundrey

What a great post. I also think Libby is pretty darn special. Your card is fantastic. She will be so happy to receive it plus those neat DD trading cards. Our online crafting friends are very REAL and add so much to our daily lives.

Stephanie Kraft

Fabulous and fun, Carole! Love the background story to this.. you seriously crack me up girl!


Carole, you and Libby both made my day! Die hard DURANIE geek here since the 80's. My favorite band of all time since I was 12! Lol.
Your cards are fantastic!!!

Take care,


Ahhh, the good ole days. I was a lover of John Taylor as well. Used to write what is now called "fan fiction" stories with a friend detailing our lives as the wives of John and FYI, I was in the audience of the concert when "The Reflex" was filmed in Toronto at Maple Leaf Gardens!


You so rock! And I love that you're comfortable in revealing your geeky self. I love your card and the awesome rainbow striped Polaroid too!

Shannon White

Oooh, I am right there with you Lady! I had a mad crush on all the Super Cute Duran Duran boys back in the day, lol Love Love Love your Fabulous creation and Super back story too! Just makes me grin! 8-)


Charmaine Ikach

You totally crack me up, Carole! LOVE the Duran Duran theme! How creative!

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