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August 30, 2013


Danielle Kennedy

Love this card-very elegant! I know the dense breasts...been having mammo's since I was 35 (so, I've had quite a few!). Happy day!

Bonnie sharp

I'm dense too....*chuckle*...apparently no caffeine for a week before your exam (now she tells me) makes for un-denser breasts. Don't know if I could handle no coffee for a week...may punch the technician in the neck...

Bonnie sharp

Oops...beautiful creation too! Now I have to go through that word verification again.....see how much I like you Carole?!

Vera W. Yates

LOL! When I first saw the title, I thought that's the couple's real name. Beautiful card!


Gorgeous card!! Good on you for being proactive on the mammogram side! Once I had to get it done three times in one session as the tech didn't get a clear picture the first time, had the wrong side in another time, and for some reason I can't recall, had to do it a third time. Told her I needed a "pump" to get them back to normal shape LOL!

Julie L

Like the first responder, I've been having mammos for dense breasts since my 30s (now I'm on the every-other-year plan). You can request an ultrasound instead if you're worried about excessive radiation.
Love your card!

Shannon White

Gorgeous Gorgeous Miss Carole!!! Very Elegant and Tiffany-ish in deed! And I am right there with you in the Dense dept.. lol AND am still chuckling over Bonnie's comment, yeah I think I'd go bonkers without coffee for a whole week, I'd definitely be punching someone, lol ;-)

Big Hugs!
Shannon 8-)

Kathy D

Carole, your card is BEAUTIFUL!! I am in the dense breast club as well. Some visits I get bounced from the mammogram room to the sonogram room back to the mammogram room (where I have asked if they are going to put me in gravity boots hanging from the ceiling to get the girls to be in a different squish position). I have never heard the "no caffeine for a week"...hmmm, might have to ask about that!


I'm another dense one! After doing the room-to-room bounce one time, as Kathy D described, I decided to go caffeine-free AND chocolate-free (because of its caffeine content) for two weeks before a mammogram, and so far, so good -- and the tests hurt less, as a bonus. Why the docs don't give us this advice, I'll never understand.

Tammie E

Put my name on the "dense" list too! Ugh! Beautiful card, Carole...gotta love when they come together that fast and look absolutely gorgeous when completed!

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