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December 04, 2013



Miss Daisy is SO precious!!!

Robin Barwacz

Oh melt my heart! What a cutie pie. All our dogs have been rescued and they have all been wonderful. Good luck with your new baby! Oh, and BTW, that is one sparkly light fixture. Pretty colored glitter...almost had to get out my shades! Have a great day.

Kathy barrett

That cone card is so clever! And Daisy is so cute! Thanks for adopting, there are so many great creatures out there that need homes. Glad Daisy is one of the lucky ones! We have 3 rescues, we lost #4 the week before thanksgiving. In due time, another one will come our way...

Wanda G (stampcat)

EEEEEEEEEP! I looove everything in this awesome post. That black and pink??? Are you kidding? Swoon! And the little orange cones?? Seriously??? Oh, and I have your address, so you better lock up that doggie! Love ya! XO

Shannon White

Wow!!! Fabulous Fabulous Carole!! Love all the sparkle on your first one and all the Fab cones on your second one!! Love it!! 8-) and Daisy is soo Darned SWEET!! There's no way I'd be able to resist that little face!! 8-)


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