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December 06, 2014


Angela R.

Lol, you have always cracked me up! Made me smile reading 'very seasonally appropriately named ANGEL', lol! I adore your first card and that second one - WOWZAH! So happy to be working on a DT with you!


Lol. I always make blunders as well! At least we learn from them. Love how tour card turned out!!!

Bev Gerard

Those cardinals were certainly worth trying again! Love that contrast & teeny bit of dimension. Such a fun Valentine!




Laurie/virgo5 the story from inspiration to completion...the birds turned out beautifully!

Vinita Jain

Love the fun valentine creation. And read the whole story for completing the creation and the remake and certainly the second attempt has a wow factor with gorgeous cardinals!!!

JoAnn H

Love your take on the birch trees


To funny... Glad you have a sense of humor with all your mistakes. Wonderful job repairing!!

Danielle Vincent

Oh Yes...I will accept this rose. Definitely a bachelor fan :o) Thanks for sharing your blunder with us - it makes me feel better too. Awesome inspiration.

irene grau

"Tragic hunting accident" -- too funny!! Thanks for making laugh this morning. Your "after" card is lovely!

Ruby M

I really like the trees. Great die. The cards are lovely.


Love those birch trees and the birds turned out awesome!


Lovestruck card is awesome! Birch tree card is also beautiful


beautiful job on both cards :)

KT Fit Kitty

Gorgeous cards! Love the birch tree! Your post made me giggle! We all make blunders - glad you shared - might save me from doing the same thing!


Beautiful cards, Carole :-D
Tragic hunting accident... :-D :-D Thank you for sharing this. I never embossed, but will have on my mind when I´ll do :-D

Sue D

Sweet Valentines card and wonderful woodland scene--sorry about the hunting accident.



Heather Mills

Ooooo . . . . love that second card!!! Thanks for sharing your little embossing blunder. Sometimes it seems like everyone else out there makes perfect cards on the very first try while I manage to drop my finished card on top of open ink pads, etc. But cutting out the birds worked perfectly and I love the red sparkle.

Debbie Carriere

Carole, these are great cards!!! Love that birch background. Sorry for the unfortunate hunting incident - happens to the best of us ;)


Your V-Day card is so dang cute! Then your interpretation of the catalog picture is so, so beautiful!

Dana Joy

Carole you are hilarious! Love your cards and great seeing you back here at YNS!


Sue TH

Beautiful job! Love your colours and the little birds!


Beautiful cards. The first is so bright and a great card for Valentine's day. The cardinals for so pretty.
thanks for sharing some great cards.


That heart made me chuckle, as did your hunting accident. Keeping it real gives us mear mortals hope. The final card is gorgeous. Hugz

Mary-Anne V.

Ha your post was so funny...hunting accident! Love the recovery...great cards!


Both of these cards are great. We all make mistakes that is how we learn what not to do. :)


love your cards...and sense of humor "hunting accident"...

Bela Teixeira

Both cards are stunning.

Crafty Math Chick

Oooh! I love both the original picture AND your card inspired by it! I am a BIG fan of silhouette woodland scenes so these products are at the TOP of my YNS wishlist!

Cheryl Lea

Love both the cards, but especially the classy tree card!


LOL Tragic hunting accident indeed! Thanks for the laugh! Love all the embossing and YES I'm a bachelor fan! I know it's a silly show yet so entertaining at times :o)

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