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January 30, 2015


Kathy D

What a cute card, Carole! And congrats to Truman! I remember when Joan set out to make 100 cards for college offspring. I have two offspring in college, and I thought I would mail them cute cards more often. The reality is that neither will check the snail mail box without me telling them to check it! (that goes for "grandma sent you a card with money" as well!) Mine both prefer funny YouTube links via Facebook.

Linda monroe

Love the panda. So glad to hear Truman is going to haas add. Boston is a great city. He will love going to school here and you'll love visiting. Move in day is C-R-A-Z-Y. It's got a bunch of nick names - allston christmas and other not so nice names because all the universities move in on the same day and it's a densely packed area. So go patriots. Everyone in Boston chhers for the pats, Truman will likely find it natural to join.


Linda -- sounds like you are going to be a wealth of info. I'm putting you on speed-dial! :)


Kathy, you're right, I'm sure. Heck, I recall rarely going to my own mailbox when I lived in the dorms at OU, back in the Middle Ages. I'll undoubtedly have to text him (or have his little brother remind him to go check).


LOVE the idea of 100 cards. Brilliant. Tucking it away for future use. Adore that first panda card too. I'm cheering LOUDLY for the Seahawks - going for two years in a row. Not a fan of deflated footballs no matter how good looking Brady is LOL!

Joan B

Love your card and thanks for the chit chat about moi!! We have to meet and spend some time together. It is on my "list"!

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