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August 09, 2015


Danielle Vincent

The face on the fallen scoop totally cracks me up! What a fantastic card Carole!

irene grau

I had the same idea for the ice cream cone when I saw that set. Too cute! Thanks for showing me what I was imagining!


He he he, the first card made me smile. It's awesome. And I love the simplicity of the second one. Beautiful! cc

Amy Rohl

So seriously cute and yummy! Love that falling scoop!!

Cheri Burry

I love how your paper matches the stamps! So cute!!

Heather Ferguson

Such a fun and cute card!

Cornelia (fun stamping)

Fun, colorful cards!

Joan B

Your cards are adorable! I sought out your blog today to inform you that I had a very long dream last night featuring you, your husband, and kids.


Probably because Truman leaving touches a chord. Argh, the circle of life crap....

Melanie Amaya

Oh my gosh. Such a cute card. Love it.


Oh j'adore!!!! Beautiful. Great colors


Very cute cards. TFS

Mary Holshouser

Poor little scoop of ice cream.
Love the card.
thanks for sharing a fun card.

Brenda Lee

Oh my gosh. Your "oops" card immediately put a smile on my face. I love the falling ice cream. Great colors on your both cards.

Heather Mills

Yep, I sent nearly as many late birthday greetings as ones that get there on time. That ice cream stack is just too funny, specially poor little Pinky. Great idea!


Just love that expression on that poor scoop's face! Seriously too cute!

Sue D

Fun and colorful cards.

Brandi R

Oh dear! What delicious colors in both cards! LOVE the first one....yummy papers and what a cute image ♥

Angela Walters

One of my very favorite things about "Your Next Stamp" stamps are the faces. Your card and the faces on the ice cream just proves how cute they always are! Great job!

Patty W

Gorgeous cards. I love the clean colorful simplicity of the second one but I especially love the first one - so clever with the use of the faces and dies!!! Super cute.


That is so very clever and cuuuuute! The alpha stamps seems super versatile, too. :)

Linda F

Awe, poor pinky! Great fun card. I like those alphas too.


I love the colors you choose. I also notice you sewed the cards. I can't do that, have so many troubles with it. Great cards!!!!

anja curvers

Great, great cards love the first one with that fallen scoop how clever is that?


Love your alpha die and stamp idea!


want some of that icecream right now, they looks so good and yummy


What fab cards love them both,thanks for sharing and happy birthday YNS.


These are great, I can't get over how cute the little faces are on the ice cream!

Blue Kube

Playing with those expressions is too much fun! A great alpha, too! Great cards!

Lori S

Very colorful. So cute


Wow what a fantastic card! Love those colors and the card design!

Maggie B

Hi Carole ~ What an adorably sweet card you made with the Zero Calories stamp and die sets. The coordinating background paper is perfect!!! "Melt in Peace" LOL, LOVE your sense of humor!!! The Alpha Stamp Set card is simply stated and you're right, so many possibilities!!! ;-0

Jane Z.

Such fun cards, Carole! Love the ice cream falling one! I can see this happening to me! LOL! Great colour choice on the Alpha Set card! Love them both! :)

Sandra KM

Cute! Gotta love the falling scoop face!


Cute and colorful cards. Love them.


Two darling cards! The tumbling scoop of ice cream...too cute!


The fallen icecream is a fabulous idea! Love the colors too. :)

Elizabeth S.

These are so adorable and love that ice cream full of fun!


I love your use of colour x

Tricia T

That would be a really cute card except that it just happened to me in real life and it was SO sad! The 5 second rule doesn't work when your ice cream falls on the pavement and I just had to leave it there.... SIGH. I'm scarred for life! LOL!! Seriously, though, cute cards!! : )


Lovely Cards! Your first one is too funny! Don't you just hate when that happens?!

Dru W.

Even the sad-faced scoop is adorable! Great card.

Taunya Butler

Super fun and clever cards you have created with this new release!! Love how bright and colorful they both are - kudos to you - you knocked my socks off!!!


Hi Carole, your cards are not only CUTE but I got tons of ideas just looking at them ! Thanks!

Melody Rupple

Love what you do with bright colors!

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